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Friday, September 23, 2016

Lunch at Simpson's Tavern

is a restaurant and pub in the Financial District of London and is the city's oldest chop house. It is about 1 block away from The Royal Exchange

which at one time was the center of commerce in London. At present, it contains upscale shops, offices and a dining area and is perhaps a topic of another blog post.

As you walk into Simpson's Tavern there is an outside space

where patrons can enjoy a beverage from one of three satellite bars. One outside of the restaurant,

one in the basement

and one associated with the dining area.

The latter bar was most remarkable due to the barmaid staffing it, Margaret. She was 82 years old and has been working here for 46 years. This was amazing to me due to the mutual loyalty that seems to be present these days between restaurateurs and their employees. 

As you walk into the dining area it is very much in the style of how it was when it first opened in 1757.

Dumbwaiters bring up fare from the basement kitchen to the dining area. The original brass stands for hats and such still are attached to the backs of the bench seating at the tables.

I was fascinated by the lunch Menu here, but breakfast is also served. In terms of food, I do not think much has changed in over 250 years.

The server was excellent, and chatted at length about the menu items. I am a fool for pork belly and there it was on the menu.

This is probably one of the best pork belly dishes I have had, with greens, Cracklings and a mustard mayo dressing. Heaven.

I then tried out their steak and kidney pie.

This was absolutely excellent and it had been many moons since I have had this. I was told by the server that I would not walk away hungry. He was right.

The food at Simpson's Tavern was beyond the pale. They really know what they are doing with British food. They should, as they have been at it for over 250 years. The server was exceptional, and the ambience remarkable for it's history. I can't say more great things about Simpson's, and if in London, I hope you will take the time to eat lunch here. They are also open for breakfast, but not dinner.

It's a wrap for another post on Forks.

Simpson's Tavern
Ball Court
38 and 1/2 Cornhill
London, UK EC3V 9DR
020 7626 9985

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