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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dinner at Zen Asian BBQ

is a restaurant in north Naples, FL. The restaurant, as of this writing, has been open less than one year.

I have been there numerous times over the past 7 months or so. I consider this establishment one of the best restaurants in Naples. Even though this is another article in the legion of articles that have been written about Zen I thought I would add another one. This visit, as were my others, was very pleasant.

The owners are a meld of a chef/financial partnership. The principles really know what they are doing as they have come up with a fantastic product. Here is some of that.

The interior dining area is inviting

and has a sushi bar with ample seating should you choose.

My Dining Companion (DC) and I sampled a number of items off the Menu.

The Hokkaido Ramen is a must do. This is a miso-based Ramen from the northern most island in Japan, Hokkaido, where it was popularized.

Homemade noodles, shrimp, calamari, oysters, king crab, garlic oil, bean sprouts, scallions and egg make this dish. Fantastic and one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. For an interesting in depth discussion of the various types and styles of ramen, go here.

We also sampled the Korean Barbecue.

Cooked at the table, we ordered the Daeji Bulgogi pork, marinated in soy, garlic and ginger BBQ sauce. Served with leaves of Romaine per tradition to be used as wraps, condiments included kimchi, sprouts, seaweed salad and hot pepper or soy based sauces. Not bad.

One of Zen's proprietors saw me taking pictures and offered DC and I not only a very good dish, but a good photo op as well.

Kobe A5  (highest quality) beef is put into a soy dipping sauce and cooked on a hot stone. It can be topped with garlic if you wish when it's cooking. If you ever wondered what the difference was between Wagyu and Kobe beef, this is worth Reading.

DC and I finished off with a Hamachi Kama (Collar), or the section of fish just behind the head and the gills. In Hamachi, Yellowtail Tuna is used.

To get a better idea of the cut of a fish collar, go Here. Warning, not for the squeamish and perhaps better viewed after you've finished reading.
It was delicious, and served with grilled baby bok choy, tomatoes and Ponzu sauce. Highly recommended. It's worth a mention that they use the Robatayaki cooking method for this dish and some others, or grilling over very hot coals.

As usual, Zen Asian BBQ did not disappoint. Although food after all, is a matter of taste, I think it would be hard to find someone that has eaten here that didn't think that their dining experience was at the very least, very good.

If you haven't been, please do. I think you will find this a very nice dining experience that will want you coming back at some point for seconds.

That's that for another post on Forks.

Zen Asian BBQ
10823 Tamiami Tr. N.
Naples, FL 34108

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