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Friday, June 24, 2016

Lunch at Araya

is a restaurant in Naples, FL featuring sushi, grilled Asian and Thai cuisine. Araya in Thai means rare. My dining companion (DC) and I that day decided to go to Araya for lunch.

They have a pleasant, commodious indoor dining area

and outdoor seating as well.

DC and I decided to try a number of starters off their Menu

Duck buns were first.

Steamed buns were filled with duck, cucumber, scallions and hoisin sauce. Not bad.

Korean BBQ short ribs were ordered with kimchee. Not bad but I prefer more chutzpah with my short ribs, these were a bit anemic for me.

Tuna Yukke was served with Masago, avacado, seaweed salad and shredded cucumber. Tasty!

The two standouts of this meal were Hamachi carpaccio, with jalapeno, cilantro and Yuzu/Ponzu sauce. The sauce must have additional Yuzu added to it or it's just a superfluous descriptive.

This was excellent, I could have eaten two more.

The grilled octopus was also a standout.

It was great and served with a garlic as well as a pepper Aioli. I am a "sucker" for octopus and this fit the bill.

The food at Araya, though not rare, was very good. I liked most and loved some of what was ordered that day. The food piqued my interest, and I will absolutely return to try more items.

That's that for another post on forks.

2650 Immokalee Rd.
Naples, FL 34110
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