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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dinner at 1500 South

1500 South  (1500)

is a restaurant in Naples, FL in Naples Bay Resort The restaurant is owned by chef Art Smith. Chef Smith owns a number of Restaurants and has numerous Cookbooks in print. His Bio is very impressive listing many high profile chef positions and coveted awards in the food industry. His Chef De Cuisine, Dagan Stocks, is also very Well Heeled culinarily.

My dining companion (DC) and I went to 1500 for dinner that day.

As you enter 1500,

the restaurant is very commodious, nicely designed and has plenty of light. The restaurant has a very nice bar

and dining area.

There is even outside seating if you choose.

The restaurant has an open air kitchen, which I think is great.

Open air kitchens are generally underutilized in restaurants. I think that when diners see the kitchen staff at work, this really helps them connect more readily with the chefs and the food that is being served to them. The Japanese have been using this concept most successfully for years in their Teppanyaki restaurants.

DC and I tried a number of items off the Menu of 1500.

Rosemary biscuits were brought to the table.

Flavorful but texturally, not very good. Very chewy, not flaky as DC and I prefer. A harbinger of things to come we asked ourselves? Sometimes first impressions are accurate and sometimes they are not. In this case, the latter was very much true.

Roasted duck risotto was brought to the table.

This was incredibly delicious. Roasted duck Confit was served with Canaroli rice, roasted Morels, Miner's Lettuce, and Ramp gel.

It got even better, with Hoecakes, sort of a cornmeal flatbread, with slow braised oxtail, caramelized onions, Gorgonzola Dolce and arugula. Heaven.

 Chef Smith's signature fried chicken was brought to the table.

Their chicken is brined for 24 hours, soaked in buttermilk for 24 hours, then single dredged and fried. Very, very, very good. It also comes with in house made hot sauce. It is a mixture of Fresno and De Arbol chilies among other ingredients.

DC and I ordered roasted vegetables.

Tricolor cauliflower, baby peppers, celery root, heirloom carrots and Portobello mushrooms were seasoned with Saba and Parmigiano Reggiano. This dish fell a bit flat flavor wise but a smattering of salt was an easy fix. Problem solved!

We ended up with a couple desserts.

Blood Orange Sorbet, and 63% Cacao and pistachio Gelato.

Very nice.

Creme Brulee finished the meal.

This was served with strawberry/balsamic sorbet, shaved white chocolate and mixed berries. Excellent!

The decor of the restaurant is bright and pleasant, the service good and the food most remarkable.

Because of Chef Smith, there will be some very bright culinary searchlights emanating from this establishment. With the husbandry of the Chef de Cuisine, this will be a very successful restaurant and a welcome addition to an ever growing armamentaruim of superior cuisine in Southwest Florida.

It's a wrap for another post on Forks. 

1500 South
1500 5th Avenue S.
Naples, FL 34102
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