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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dinner at Salsa Brava

is a restaurant in Naples, FL serving Mexican Cuisine. When I arrived, even though it was a Sunday evening and the weather was dreadful, the place was packed! A very good sign.

This almost never happens, but my dining companion (DC) and I were treated to a number of items both off and on the Menu and special board that day

in exchange for a review of the food. Fair enough.

Chips and Salsa Verde were brought to the table,

and were not bad. I am very carbohydrate averse, so I am not a good judge of tortilla chips. DC thought they were homemade and very good. Pico De Gallo was next, and was excellent.

It was really fresh, and flavorful. Ceviche was on the menu, which I assume was this dish with seafood added to it. If this is correct, even better!

Next on this tour de force of Mexican Cuisine was Queso Fundido.

This dish was melted cheese, similar to a combination of Monterey Jack and Mozzarella, and roasted Poblano peppers with a little onion and garlic. DC, being lactose intolerant, left me with the lion's share of this dish. Not used to eating a lot of cheese, this dish was very heavy duty and filling but delicious.

Elotitos were next,

and are a popular Mexican street snack. Corn on the cob is flavored with cheese, mayonnaise, chili and salt. Again, not being a carbohydrate fan this was not my favorite but this dish was different, interesting and tasty.

A Pastor taco and a Tinga chicken Sope were next.

These were both really good and thankfully, I could just sample the fillings. I loved the tinga chicken with it's chipotle seasoning.

As if all this food wasn't enough, DC finished off with Costillas De Cerdo (Riblets) with baby cactus.

 and I had the Mole Negro.

Both of these dishes came with of course, rice and beans, and were delicious. It had been many moons since I had eaten mole, and I really enjoyed the heat and complexity of this dish.

What was served to DC and I that evening was excellent, and after doing research for this blog post, authentic Mexican food, somewhat unique for this area. The service was good and the prices are reasonable. Additionally, should you have a favorite Mexican dish you cannot find on the menu, I am sure the restaurant would in most cases be able to accommodate. If you are a fan of Mexican food, Salsa Brava will not disappoint.

That's that for another post on Forks.

Salsa Brava
10265 Tamiami Tr. N.
Naples, FL 34108

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