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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dinner at Zen Asian BBQ

 Zen Asian BBQ

is a restaurant in Naples, Fl serving a mixture of Japanese Cuisine and Korean BBQ.There used to be another restaurant in this space, but they have done a really nice job of renovating it for diners in their restaurant space,

and sushi bar.

I invited a few dining companions (DC's) out that evening, and we agreed to sample a variety of things among ourselves from Zen Asian BBQ Menu. Actually, most of them were recommended by the manager who I chatted with before DC's showed up.

The first was a tuna pizza.

Please forgive the photograph as my auto focus is having issues and I need to send my camera back to Canon for a fix.

Tuna was on a grilled tortilla with red onion, cilantro, tomato and Gochuang aioli. I thought this was just o.k.. It was Asian styled but definitely No Great Shakes.

I love roasted vegetables so the crispy brussles sprout were next.

These were excellent, with candied walnuts, bacon, sage and Saba Yuzu Miso. Absolutely delicious!

Grilled octopus was next.

This was excellent. Tender, very carbon tasting and served with a Karashi miso, grilled cherry peppers and kale. Highly recommended.

One DC loves Unagi, so there was an order of that.

 Another killer dish.

Management recommended the pad Thai. 

The presentation as remarked by management was remarkable but the pad Thai was not. Just another pad Thai in a sea of pad Thais.

DC's and I finished up with the lamb Massaman curry.

It was killer. Lamb rib chops were cooked in a very rich massaman curry sauce heavily peppered with cinnamon so it tasted like candy, Really, really good.

There were some hits and misses at Zen Asian BBQ. The hits were so good that I cannot wait to go back to sample more. What was good was spectacular. There is no restaurant with cuisine like this in town that comes close. I will definitely be back for a second visit.

Zen Asian BBQ
10823 Tamiami Tr. N.
Naples, FL. 34108
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