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Friday, November 6, 2015

The World's Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 4

The World's Largest Food Truck Festival Ever 4 was an event held in downtown St. Petersburg, FL in Albert Whitted Park  on October 31, 2015.

Almost 120 food trucks came together for the event. Sixty of them were from Florida, but the other half came from as far away as Texas and New Jersey.

The event was organized by Generation Food Truck, (GFT) an event planning company. GFT is run by front man Jeremy Gomez. He is an interesting person, and I was fortunate to chat with him briefly to get some background on this event.

After trying a couple of occupations that did not work for him, he ended up opening his own food truck, eventually getting involved with the sole promotional food truck company in the Tampa area. At some point, he struck out on his own, and GFT has been organizing events like this for about 3 years now. GFT presently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of food trucks at the Tampa State Fairgrounds in March of 2014.

Jeremy told me he was charging attendees and vendors a nominal fee for the festival ($10 and $50, respectively) part of which went to CASA, a local concern dealing with domestic violence.

After entering the admission gate the number of food trucks was completely overwhelming.

I cannot address all of them, probably less than half but here is some of what was going on that day.

Heavy's Food Truck had a sampling of soul food,

had different hot dogs and specialty grilled cheeses.

Riddle on the Griddle had all sorts of interesting grilled cheese sandwiches that many lined up for,

and Croz's Surf Shack had an interesting menu, from decadent to somewhat more healthy.

There were even healthy pet treats from my Dog Gone Healthy.

offered a Maine-themed cuisine of fried seafood and lobster rolls.

served an interesting take on waffles,

while Bem Bom 

served some really interesting Portuguese food.

Although the lighting was horrible for these photos, I felt compelled to hi lite Aloha To Go

because they were serving spam sushi that day.

had some very traditional Jamacian Cuisine

while Philous Cajun on the Geaux (loved the play on words)

had some typical Louisiana Cajun fare.

had such a great menu

I ordered the chorizo balls. They were true craftsman and the serving was delicious. Chorizo meatballs were served with chipotle aioli, spicy pico de gallo and pasta salad. Really really good!

had some really great Korean Cuisine.

Spicy pork,

with kimchi,

was the ticket for me for mmm bap!

There were stands selling ice cream drinks and lemonade,

and gelatos and sorbets from the Tropicool bus,

where you could relax, sit on the top deck and people watch if you like.

Billy's soft serve,

and Kona Dog,

who combined meats/fish with fruit, "Hawaiian Style" were also there that day.

was there, and for a small donation, you could paint the bus.

A very cool lemonade stand, lemon bar was there,

Monsta Lobsta serving lobster rolls,

who's your dumplin' food truck,

serving some interesting dumplings,

serving Philippine cuisine,

Savory Pockets meat pies,

serving Vietnamese food,

Flamimg Pizza food truck,

and one of my favorites bringing back childhood memories, Brain Freeze Italian Ice.

was there with some interesting carbonated cold brewed iced coffee.

Zesty Sunami selling cheese steak sandwiches, 

and a vendor selling artisinal ginger beer were there as well.

As the crowd thinned out and I made my way out of the event I was just amazed at the variety and quality of foods available that day.

This was a great day out with an incredible variety of food to try. Hats off to Jeremy Gomez and GFT for organizing this wonderful event. I cannot wait until the next one.

Generation Food Truck
Tampa, FL

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