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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Dali Museum and Brunch at Cassis American Brasserie

is an art center in St. Petersburg, FL housing the works of the artist, Salvador Dali (SD). Apart from the Dali Theatre-Museum in Catalonia, Spain, Dali has the largest collection of the artist's work. 
As you enter the museum there is a gift shop with a good selection of SD related Merchandise among other items,

and a restaurant, Cafe Gala,

that has some interesting items on both their Regular and Tapas menus.

Their exhibition space is on the 3rd floor of the museum. Architecturally, the building is engaging with it's coiled staircase

 and spherical glass dome that covers part of the building

and gives visitors a very nice view of the South Yacht Basin, Albert Whitted Park  and outlying Tampa Bay in downtown St. Petersburg.

at the Dali has many well known images created by SD that are artistic treasures of the 20th century.

and probably SD's most famous image, The Disintegration Of Persistence Of Memory.

As many times as this image has been reproduced and as larger than life it is, it was a bit of a disconnect to see it at 10"x13"! Still, very cool to see the original.

There was one image that at first view drew a chuckle due to it's apparent whimsical nature (Telephone In A Dish With Three Grilled Sardines At The End Of September)

but after doing a bit of Research this painting was anything but that.

There was also a concurrent M.C. Escher Exhibit,

but photography was not allowed. It was unbelievably comprehensive. Although I am not a scholar of Escher, this exhibit seemed to have anything you would ever want to see from this artist.

After a day at the Dali my Dining Companion (DC) and I worked up an appetite. We decided to go eat at Cassis American Brasserie.

The restaurant was still very much in Halloween mode,

If you're not in the mood for a meal, the restaurant has a cafe and bakery with some very nice outdoor seating,

 where you can enjoy coffee, fresh juices,

 baked goods,

small plates,

 or some frozen treats.

All of this looked really good, but DC and I wanted something a bit more substantial, and since it was such a nice day out that afternoon, opted for outside seating.

Some French country rolls and banana-flavored corn bread were brought to the table,

and this was one of the most appetizing looking starter bread plates I can ever remember eating.

DC ordered off the Brunch menu, and got an andouille sausage/shrimp ragout with roasted red pepper and onion on top of cheese grits.

This was absolutely delicious. Ever wonder what the difference is between a ragout and a ragu? Here is one blogger's Take on that.

I wanted something a bit lighter, so I ordered smoked salmon salad off the Lunch menu.

This was very good, and was served with butter lettuce, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, lox and a cucumber vinaigrette. Just right for my appetite that moment.

This was a very good day out. The art at the Dali was amazing and the food and service at Cassis American Brasserie equally as good. I would go back to and recommend both without hesitation.

I would like to thank The Dali Museum for allowing me to publish the photographs I took there that day for use in this blog. I very much consider it to be a privilege to be able to do so! 

That's that for another post on Forks!

The Dali Museum
One Dali Blvd.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Cassis American Brasserie
170 Beach Dr. NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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