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Friday, November 20, 2015

Dinner at Fuse Global Cuisine

is a restaurant in Naples, FL. A chef of note from our local local American Culinary Federation Chapter  highly recommended this restaurant. As it was my dining companion's (DC's) birthday we decided to check it out.

As you enter the restaurant space there is ample outdoor dining should you desire,

and as you enter the restaurant plenty of seating area,

a bar area,

and plenty of primary dining area adjacent to the bar.

My DC and I that night sampled a few thing from the Menu.

Before our orders were served, bread and dipping sauce was brought to the table which was

roasted garlic, "Italian Herbs" and olive oil. This was not bad, but I am a traditional bread and butter kind of guy, so butter it was on the next round of rolls.

I ordered a salad to start, a Wedge(ed) Salad.

The was the restaurant's version of the classic. Boston lettuce wedge, red onion, blue cheese, Maple Peppercorn Bacon, smoked tomato Aioli and buttermilk dressing with a note of citrus. This was a very good salad, and a very good introduction to the cuisine of Fuse.

My dining companion (DC) ordered an entree, the marinated and seared chicken.

My DC was Gorgonzola-averse so this was omitted from the dish which I think really detracted from it. However, DC was served an Airline chicken breast topped with Enokitake mushrooms, served over a tomato sautee, a ragu of artichokes and citrus, a spinach Gallette, and basil Coulis.  Although a main artery of flavor was omitted per DC's request, this dish was still very good.

I wanted a bit of variety and did not want to confine my self to one entree, so I ordered a couple of the starters.

The crispy pig ear and octopus was next.

The pig ears were not crispy, and were very hard to cut and eat. Usually I love these. I found the octopus very sour with this preparation, not my favorite. The shaved daikon at the base of this plate with Aji-Amarillo Aioli was also much too acidic for my tastes so I would not order this dish again. I was so disappointed as I usually love these two foods.

I finished with the Korean BBQ BAO.

This dish was bao, or steamed bun filled with Kurobuta Pork belly, Kimchi, Pequin aioli and pickled herbs. It was absolutely delicious! I was beginning to think of my appetizer experience here as a culinary Non Sequitur but this dish laid to rest any thoughts of that. I would order this again without hesitation. Highly recommended!

My dining experience at Fuse was mixed. To be fair, DC nixed a most likely essential element of the dish but it was still good. My salad was really good and so were the buns. I suppose 3 out of 4 is not bad. I would like to go there again to try a entree or two as they had many intriguing things on their menu that piqued my interest.

It's a wrap for another post on Forks.

Fuse Global Cuisine
2500 Tamiami Trail N.
Naples, FL 34103

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