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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dinner at Club Sushi

are sister restaurants inside The Gulfcoast Inn in Naples, FL 

that serve Japanese Cuisine, or Japanese-inspired cuisine in their restaurants. As you walk in,

there is Fujiyama Steak and Seafood House, which is a Teppanyaki restaurant.

It was very crowded that night. My dining companion (DC) and I opted for sushi instead and continued on to the restaurant's sushi bar, Club Sushi.

As with many sushi restaurants, there is seating around the sushi bar,

or a more private dining area if you wish.

DC and I decided to try a few things off the Menu at the sushi bar. It's always fun watching the sushi chefs prepare the food.

The first thing we tried was Tuna Poke (rhymes with okay). 

Poke just means cubed, and is actually a Hawaiian dish. It was served with seaweed salad. green onions, sesame seeds, Masago and a ginger/sesame dressing. Poke can be cooked or raw, but if raw, is not marinated in citrus like Ceviche. Because of this, DC did not care for this dish that much but I thought it not bad. 

Our served encouraged us to order the salmon Tataki. It was served with garlic/jalapeno oil.

I thought it was ok but DC really liked it. I think I ordered it a bit too overcooked for my tastes. The really fun part about this dish was watching the chef prepare it.

I'll need to keep this in mind for the next power outage!

We then switched to some of the Nigiri. From left to right, Surf Clam, Masago and conch.

All were really tasty.

After an unknown treat from the chef,

which was some sort of solid fish with a citrus/sesame/soy-flavored sauce on top that was not bad, we tried one of the rolls, the soft shell naruto roll.

This roll was beautifully prepared and was really, really good. Soft shell crab, masago, krab stick, asparagus, and avocado were wrapped in cucumber and seasoned with Eel Sauce.

I was still a bit hungry so an order of Yellowtail snapper

and Eel nigiri

finished the meal. After we were done, the chef prepared a Finger Bowl for each of us, a nice touch.

The food at Club Sushi, on the whole, is pretty good. If it was not, they would not have been around for over 30 years. I had not eaten there for about 4 years but our server remembered me and what I do for my day job which was amazing. This individual has been working at Club Sushi for over 20 years which is remarkable considering the turnover in most restaurants.

I have been coming to this establishment for many years and it was as good for this visit as any other that I can remember. I imagine I will be back again for more sushi and rolls.

It's a wrap for another post on Forks.

Club Sushi
2555 Tamiami Trail N.
Naples, FL 34103

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