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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lunch at Three60 Market

is a restaurant on Bayshore Drive in East Naples, FL. They have been open about 3 and 1/2 years. Three60 Market is part of a trend to turn a very undesirable area of Naples into a much more desirable one. This includes the efforts of The Naples Botanical Garden, a place I Blogged about last year. Three60 has more plans about this, but more later.

They have a very nice outdoor dining area

and if you are so inclined, you can go up one of the canals from the Gulf Of Mexico and moor your boat.

The indoor space is also very nice, has a lot of windows, and is very sunny and pleasant.

The restaurant is divided into stations, all of them having great looking food or drink.

Should you wish to dine in there are a number of sandwich options

and sandwich specials

that all seemed to come with their in-house prepared potato chips.

There are also plenty of prepared salads

and desserts.

Additionally, there is a beverage station

that has coffees

and other beverages.

There are also prepared foods for you to bring home

and menus highlighting your choices.

If this wasn't enough, they have a substantial wine selection

priced at cost plus $3.60 a bottle. Sweet!

My dining companion (DC) and I decided to dine in and try a bit of their food. I ordered the Mediterranean shredded chicken salad.

Served on greens, this was shredded chicken mixed with red and yellow green pepper, onion, BasilCapers and olive oil. Good, but somewhat salty for my palate. 

DC won on the "order war". A trio of sliders came DC's way.

The dish was 3 small sandwiches, with a side of grilled vegetables and greens seasoned with Balsamic Vinaigrette. The Sandwiches were a variant of their turkey, Italian hoagie and Cuban (roasted pork) sandwiches served on Parmesan Ciabatta bread. Very delicious! This was also one of the most beautifully-plated lunches I have seen in the area.

I chatted with the owner about her restaurant and her vision for the future. They will soon be developing the property across the canal

to accommodate a variety of different themed food stands. The more the merrier for the area.

I also asked her why Market360? Was it that you go in the front door and out the front door, or that you had to circumnavigate the different stations in the restaurant or that the food was really good, so you would eventually need to do a "360" to go back and dine? She said none of the above, it was just an arbitrary name. Well for me, it was very much the latter reason and I will definitely be doing a "360" to eat there again.

It's a wrap for another post on Forks.

Three60 Market
2891 Bayview Dr.
Naples, FL 34112

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