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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lunch at Keren

is a restaurant in the Adams Morgan district of Washington, D.C. They serve Eritrean Cuisine. What is this you may ask? There is much similarity between Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somalian cuisines. Eritrean tends to have more Ottoman and Italian influences, incorporating Curry Powder and Pasta, respectively. Berbere, a spice blend, is used extensively in the former two cuisines.

The dining area in Keren is very small

and they do not take reservations. Dining Companion (DC) and I waited about 20 minutes to be seated. I would count on a longer wait time at lunch hour.

The wait was well worth it. A diner sitting next to me remarked that Eritrean cuisine was very filling. This was because of this area of the world's staple, Enjera.

This is bread that is made from Teff grain, fermented and made into pancakes. It is used in lieu of eating utensils. At Keren, each diner is given a 12" piece of this. Additionally, most plates are served on top of Enjera, making for a tremendous amount of bread.

DC and I sampled a number of things off the menu. The first was Silsi Sauce, a spicy vegetarian tomato sauce.

It reminded me of an Italian red sauce, but not tempered for acidity with baking soda.

We then sampled the veggie combo and beef Tibsi (center).

The vegetarian plate (periphery) came with lentil sauce, chickpea sauce, cabbage, spinach, potato with carrots and house salad. All of this was delicious and the good part of this dish was eating all the food-soaked Enjira from this plate. 

After eating all this bread, it's a good thing that Adams Morgan does not have Metro service. Walking 8-10 blocks back to the subway gave DC and I an opportunity to walk off all this food.

Would I come back? Yes. If for no other reason, I would like to Cut My Teeth on Eritrean cuisine.

That's that for another post on forks.

1780 Florida Ave. N.W.
Washington, D. C. 20009
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