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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lunch at Pho Cali Vietnamese Noodle House

is a restaurant in Sarasota, FL serving Vietnamese Cuisine. My dining companion (DC) and I decided to eat lunch there.

Seeing what was served to other diners, they had some very great looking lunch specials that were a good value and very generously portioned.That day, DC and I split a couple of things off the Menu. I love Pho, pronounced "Fuh", that delicious Vietnamese rice noodle soup. Pho actually refers to the rice noodles in the dish. Today's flavor of pho was Pho Dac Biet, or pho with beef/beef parts in it. For a really good discussion of pho and how to make it, go Here.

The Pho Dac Biet served here had rare steak, Brisket, Flank, Tendon and Tripe in it.

Bean Sprouts, lime, basil and jalapeno peppers were served as condiments, and the combination was delicious.

DC and I then split Tom Nuong (grilled shrimp on a skewer), Thit Nuong (grilled pork) and Nem Nuong (grilled pork patties).

These were topped with ground peanuts and chopped green onion, and served with Julienned cucumbers, mint, Rice Vermicelli, lettuce and a sweet and sour fish sauce-based DipBahn Trang (rice paper wrappers) were served with this to make your own wraps to hold the whole thing together. All this was very good.

DC has a bit of a sweet tooth and ordered a Durian shake.

I hate durian as I think I am one of those who are genetically wired to find the smell and taste very noxious. It smells and tastes like garbage to me. Others find it pleasant. Oh well, plenty of other beverages on the planet.

The food at Pho Cali is very good and highly recommended. I would definitely go back when in the area.

It's a wrap for another post on Forks.

Pho Cali
1578 Main St.
Sarasota, FL 34236

Pho Cali on Urbanspoon
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