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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blue Sushi

is an sushi/Asian-themed restaurant in the Gulf Coast Town Center mall in Fort Myers, FL. They used to be part of the Blu Sushi empire which I Blogged about a couple of years ago, but split off about a year ago. They are rebranding themselves with a new logo (blue "blu" and orange "e" and will be remodeling this location). I asked them about Trademark Infringement, trademark confusion being an integral part of this.  Apparently all is worked out so onward and upward!

They have a really cool bar/lounge area

which leads into their sushi bar

and dining area.

Dining companion (DC) and I shared a few items from their dinner menu.

I had signed up for their e-mail blast and received a 30% off coupon that night.

The first thing ordered was the seaweed salad.

This was really good and followed by the seafood salad.

Tuna, salmon, wahoo, smelt roe, cucumber and seaweed salad was served with an in house Poki Sauce. Very Tasty.

We finished up with a sushi and sashimi combo.

This was a tremendous amount of food, with tuna, salmon, wahoo and escolar sushi, and tuna, wahoo, escolar and wahoo sashimi. There was also a simple tuna roll on the side.

The food here is not bad and at 30% off, came to $35.00 for all of this. I urge readers to get on this restaurant's e-mail blast to get some, undoubtedly really great future values.

Look for their new website and remodel in the near future!

Would I come back, yes most definitely!  It's a wrap for another post on Forks.

Blue Sushi
10045 Gulf Center Dr. Unit E105
Fort Myers, FL 33913

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