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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lunch at the Real Macaw

is a restaurant in Naples, FL. They are one of the originals, and have been around for almost 25 years. Talking about originals, they are part of Naples Originals, a consortium of about 40 locally-owned restaurants. Every quarter, Naples Originals has a 30% off sale on Gift Certificates on some of their member restaurants. Having purchased one on their last sale for The Real Macaw, my dining companion (DC) and I decided to check out lunch there. It has been many years since I have dined there.

This restaurant is very East Naples neighborhood, "funky-dunky". I think this is mostly because of the Key West Style Architecture partially exemplified by the Bright Pastels used in the restaurant's decor. I only mention this as this area of town is rapidly becoming gentrified. One day there will no longer be places such as this in the area.

They have a number of open air dining areas

inside at the bar

and a dining area for dinner service.

The bar/lunch menu is served outside all day and in the bar area.

DC and I tried a number of things from the menu. The first was the portobello tower.

This was a stack of potatoes, spinach, Portobello mushroom, tomato and blue cheese. It was pretty good. The dish was sort of Comfort Food to me, probably because of the cheese and potatoes.

Unfortunately, the meal went downhill from there.

DC ordered the calamari salad.

Calamari was served over a very anemic portion of greens which were made even more anemic by placing hot seafood over them. The calamari were garlic-seasoned but very unevenly. Some tasted like garlic and some did not.

I ordered the fish tacos. Somehow I got shrimp. No big deal, still "fish", right?

The shrimp were billed as grilled, but as you can see, they were pretty much frozen cooked shrimp that were thawed. The yoghurt dressing and feta cheese were totally overpowering, why bother to put any seafood in here?

On the whole the meal was disappointing. Perhaps we just ordered the wrong thing. Would I come back? Perhaps for dinner but not in a hurry.


That's that for another post on Forks.

The Real Macaw
3275 Bayshore Dr.
Naples, FL 34112

Real Macaw on Urbanspoon
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