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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dinner at Sasse's

is an Italian-themed restaurant in Fort Myers, FL. I had dined here many years ago and remembered it as very good. I decided to go back for another visit with a dining companion (DC).
Sasse's has been around in some form or fashion for 24 years. The present and 4th owner is the restaurant's chef who purchased Sasse's 3 years ago after working there a number of years. He is one of the few one encounters that takes pride in ownership, and it shows in his food. More on that later. As you walk into the restaurant they have a very retro, but homey primary dining area

with an open air kitchen.

Again, I like kitchens such as these as I think it helps diners connect more with their food.

There is also a rear and very red seating area that can be used as a more intimate and/or private dining area.

Now for the food. They had a number of really good items on their Menu and DC and I shared a few of them.

Some really great Parmesan-encrusted Focaccia bread was brought to the table before our order.

The first thing that was sampled was the Escargot.

They were prepared in a Sherry/Gorgonzola cream sauce, which was a first for me. Delicious!

The Mussels were next, another really good dish.

These were served in a Saffron cream sauce, with fennel, onion garlic, red pepper and topped with broccoli and Mizuna Microgreens. Awesome!

Being very full at this point, DC and I decided to split an order of beef Short Ribs. 

Starting off with a split simple house salad with a balsamic vinaigrette that came with the entree,

we were then brought the short ribs.

The dish was served with a wine/beef stock reduction sweetened with Root Vegetables, and asparagus, potatoes, microgreens with a couple of edible Honeysuckle flowers for good measure. This was very good and one of the better short ribs dishes I have eaten.

Sasse's is a bit off the beaten path.  Please go out of your way, as the food at Sasse's is really good, some of the best I have had in the area. When in Fort Myers, I cannot wait to go back for more!

It's a wrap for another post on forks.

3651 Evans Ave. #101
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Sasse's on Urbanspoon

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