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Thursday, March 26, 2015


There are a number of processes that go into crafting wine. A cooper is an integral part of this.

A Cooper is a highly specialized craftsman who makes among other things, wine barrels (photo courtesy of Wikipedia) . 

Of course, the type of wood chosen has a huge influence on the finished product. E.G., American vs. French Oak, the latter being 3 times more expensive than the former and both woods imparting much different flavors to the finished product.

Still being an "Ingenue" to this whole process, I found it interesting how the finished barrels came to be, known as Cooperage (Link).  I urge readers to watch the latter "Cooperage" link. It is amazing and will help people to understand why wines can be so costly due to the hand craftsmanship that is seen by the coopers in addition to the vintners, the wine producers.

Considering a wine barrel has a life of 5 to 7 Years, no wonder people have chosen alternate methods such as Oak Chips in Stainless Steel Barrels as a substitute.

It's another post on Forks!

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