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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lunch at La Bazenne

southwest florida forks

is a French restaurant on 5th Avenue S. in downtown Naples, FL. The original La Bazenne opened almost 40 years ago on the resort island of Ile de Re in France. La Bazenne is named for the baskets laborers used to carry Sea Salt that the island is famous for.

The owners and the head chef were gracious enough to stop by and chat with my dining companion (DC) and I. The owners landed here primarily for the climate but also the resort atmosphere which they were used to back home. Although involved with the family restaurant business in France for many years, this was the owners' first sister restaurant.
In addition to the hospitality the proprietors showed us, the chef was very impressive. His food was reflective of his training in culinary rock star kitchens run by the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller.

They have a very nice outdoor

southwest florida forks
 and indoor dining area.

southwest florida forks

southwest florida forks

It was a very hot day and much needed glasses of ice water were brought to the table.

southwest florida forks
 followed by butter and bread. I loved the presentation.

southwest florida forks

Besides the Lunch Menu, which changes weekly, they had a couple of specials on their chalkboard

southwest florida forks

as well as a nice Charcuterie selection

southwest florida forks

which that day included Rosette de Lyon, Jambon de Parme, Saucisson Sec and Bresaloa.

They also have a very nice selection of Wines and other Beverages.

DC and I decided to order from the lunch menu.

I ordered the Airline Chicken Breast

southwest florida forks

which was served on a bed of Quinoa flavored with Chicken Jus along with asparagus, peas, turnips and Fava Beans. Absolutely delicious.

DC ordered a salad made with Arugala, charred Endive, green beans, Andouille Sausage, Cannelini Bean Cassoulet and a duck leg Confit

southwest florida forks

along with a glass of Le Kir Royale which is a champagne/Cassis mixture, the latter being made from Blackcurrants. This dish was even better than mine.

They also had some interesting dinner specials on their chalkboard

but that is the topic of another blog post. They also have a Social Club featuring food, fashion and Francophile-related events.

This is one of the best lunches I can remember eating in Naples and I would run back without a second thought.

That's that for another review on Forks.

La Bazenne
474 5th Avenue S.
Naples, FL 34102

La Bazenne on Urbanspoon

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