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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dinner at Origami

southwest florida food and restaurant reviews

is an Asian restaurant in Fort Myers, FL. It serves a mix of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Historically, although things have changed, the Japanese have eschewed beef, while the Koreans chewed it! It shows in their cooking styles.

The bar area is nice

southwest florida food and restaurant reviews

and the sushi bar is really cool. Loved all those polka dots on the wall!

southwest florida food and restaurant reviews

Their dining area is also nice.

southwest florida food and restaurant reviews

My dining companion (DC) and I decided to split a few things on the

The first thing that was ordered was a trio salad which is in the upper part of the photo.

southwest florida food and restaurant reviews

This consisted of 3 starters, Japanese Seaweed Salad and another Japanese dish, Ika Sansai. This is squid with seasoned Asian mushrooms and vegetables finished with Rice Vinegar, Sesame Oil and Ginger. It was delicious and my favorite. A Korean dish, Jellyfish Salad, finished the trio and was also very good. We were also brought side dishes for our entree. From left to right, a Korean-style Seaweed Salad, bean sprouts, Kimchi, and pickled cucumber. It was hard not to eat them until the main dish was served.

DC and I split an entrée, which was the very traditional Korean dish Bibimbap.

The version of this dish that day was rice served in a stone pot topped with seasoned vegetables, Gochujang, or red Korean chili paste, fried egg and sliced beef. It was very good. The stone pot was initially very hot and tended to make the outer layer of rice crunchy which added a nice texture to the dish.

We finished up with sampling something from the special menu that night that was a Whimsy of the chef and was a Sashimi taco.

southwest florida food and restaurant reviews

This was a fried Wonton skin with either spicy tuna or salmon, shredded cabbage, Feta Cheese
and a chili/avocado topping. DC didn't care for this and I thought although novel, it was just o.k.

After all the cheese from the Flor500 opening and now this I thought I was about to burst. An occupational hazard of the food blogger.

With the exception of our tacos, the food was really good and I would come back without hesitation. That's that for another review on forks.

8911 Daniels Pkwy.
Fort Myers, FL 33912

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