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Friday, April 25, 2014

Spire Wine Tasting at The Naples Wine Collection

The Naples Wine Collection (NWC)

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is a wine merchant in Naples, FL. They have been in business close to one year. They are associated with The Naples Winter Wine Festival, the largest children's wine charity in The United States. This, in part, allows them almost unprecedented local access to vintners and their wines.

That evening's tasting was part of the portfolio of The Spire Collection. 

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These wines, according to an owner of NWC and the Level III Sommelier from Spire that was in attendance for the event are the Creme De La Crème of California wines. I was extremely fortunate to be invited to this tasting to document it and learn about wines that normally would be very much out of my tax bracket.

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The background behind these wines is interesting. They are part of a larger collection of wines, Jackson Family Wines. These were started by the vintner Jess Jackson Jr. His first brand, Kendall-Jackson (KJ), provided the impetus for the expansion of his business. KJ is one of the world's best selling wines. KJ was revolutionary when first introduced over 30 years ago as it has been credited to be the first wine to bridge lower- and higher-end wines.

Before the tasting the bottles were uncorked

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Decanted by the sommelier to bring out their best

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and I was given a primer on the wines served that night. Quite cool.

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Assorted cheeses and meats were offered to participants.

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Attendees started gathering

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and after a time really starting enjoying themselves.

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As the evening's event built to a crescendo,

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I took leave and realized how lucky we were to be able to sample wines of this caliber in Naples.

Another great evening learning about world-class wines and another review on Forks.

The Naples Wine Collection
2367 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. #810
Naples, FL 34109
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