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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dinner at El Patio

southwest florida forks
is a Peruvian restaurant in Fort Myers, FL. They also have a restaurant in Cape Coral, FL which are both in Lee County, FL.

They have a very simple, but commodious dining space.

southwest florida forks

Their restaurant menu is extensive and has 15 pages. Here is their abbreviated, paper menu.

southwest florida forks

southwest florida forks

As seems De Rigeur in the Peruvian restaurants I have dined at, Cancha, or Peruvian corn nuts

southwest florida forks

were brought to the table as a starter.

My dining companion (DC) and I decided to split a number of items. The first was a palta rellena de mariscos or avocado stuffed with seafood and vegetables.

southwest florida forks

There were two avocados stuffed with octopus, squid, fish, peas carrots and corn and topped with a mayonnaise drizzle. Not bad.

Who could not pass up Ceviche at a Peruvian restaurant so we ordered the vuelvea la vida de mariscos.

southwest florida forks

This was an extremely generous portion of onion, cilantro, octopus, squid and fish marinated in lime juice and spices. There was in between 1-2 cups of ceviche in this dish and it was great.

We finally finished up by splitting a bowl of soup. Parihuela was brought to the table. This is a seafood stew of octopus, squid, fish and blue crab claws in a spiced broth. The portion was big enough for two.

I don't know if our palettes were affected by all the citrus in the ceviche but the soup needed a Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Two different Aji Sauces, or pepper sauces were brought to the table and were the "ticket" for the soup.

southwest florida forks

From right to left, the orange sauce was homogenized diluted Habanero Pepper while the other one was homogenized habanero pepper with cilantro and mayonnaise. Both of them were really good. I thought the food here was pretty good and would come back if not for Logistics.

There you have it, another review on Forks.

El Patio
4444 Cleveland Ave. Ste. E
Fort Myers, FL 33901

El Patio Restaurant on Urbanspoon
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