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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Loving Hut

southwest florida forks
is a chain of over 200 Vegan restaurants worldwide. Vegans differ from Vegetarians in that they abstain from all animal products. Vegetarian diets may include eggs, dairy and Apiary products. As resolute as a vegan may be about their diet, some feel entirely Differently About It.

No matter what your opinion, my dining companion (DC) and I decided to eat at The Loving Hut in Naples, FL. It is located on the Northeast corner of U.S. 41 and Pine Ridge Rd. It has been open at this location for almost 4 years.
The dining area is spacious

southwest florida forks
but that evening due to inclement weather we could sit where ever we wanted.

For an appetizer we decided on the spring rolls.

southwest florida forks
These were wrapped in Rice Paper and lettuce, and filled with Jicama, Tofu, carrot and cilantro. They were served with both a Peanut Sauce and a Plum Sauce. Not bad but DC did not care for them.

As DC was feeling under the weather, Wonton soup was in order.

southwest florida forks

This was a very large portion of vegan wontons (sans pork), vegetables, scallions and cilantro. The portion was so large it was hard for DC to eat more than half.

I opted for the mango salad.

For some reason I expected young green mango on my salad as I have had at Vietnamese restaurants. Instead they were canned. There was some sort of grilled proteinaceous material on top. I was told it was a mixture of soy and wheat protein and was quite good. This was served with a coconut lime dressing.

All in all, the food and the service were not bad. Would I go back? Probably, but not in a hurry.

Well that's that. Another review on forks.

The Loving Hut
975 Pine Ridge Rd.
Naples, FL 34108

Loving Hut on Urbanspoon
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