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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maverick Meat Processing (Closed)

Maverick Meat Processing

southwest florida forks
is a Meat Processing Plant in Lehigh Acres, FL. What is this, you may ask? This is a place where Primal Cuts of beef are processed and sold. When a cow is processed in a slaughterhouse, it's carcass is cut into 8 sections and sent to a processing plant. These facilities are federally inspected daily and are held to strict standards of processing, storage and disposal.
I initially met one of the owners at an FGCU-Sponsored Farmer's Market and he was gracious enough to allow me to tour his facility and talk to me about how he does business. The couple that own Maverick Meat Processing are very interesting. Switching careers at mid-life they started off selling smoked meats at farmer's markets. The meat processing plant they currently own was in operation for 10 years and suddenly became available to them about 1 year ago. Their whole business model revolves around doing something different than what's out there.
There are only three or four of these types of operations in Southwest Florida. When one runs a plant such as this they must apply for what is known as a Federal Grant of Inspection. This allows one to sell a meat, poultry or egg product in interstate commerce for resale. Paramount in this application process is a hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP). These are food safety hazards likely to occur in production and preventative measures to control these hazards. For example, they have a temperature log of their refrigerator/freezer areas every 2 minutes 24 hours a day. All of this was Terra Incognita to me and I found it very interesting.

 Here is their processing area


Here is their packaging area and that day they were doing a lot of sausages.
southwest florida forks

The owner told me he goes through about 10 tons of Pork Butt at present during season to make his sausages (excellent by the way). As his sausage grinder is hand-cranked,
southwest florida forks

I anticipate a lot of sore shoulders and elbows by the end of season.

At present, their business is about 30% retail (farmer's markets and in house) and 70% commercial. Recently, they opened up a retail space in their facility.

southwest florida forks

They have a nice variety of meats at very good prices and can provide any type of cut you may need.

southwest florida forks


Southwest florida forks

southwest florida forks

They are also at a number of farmer's markets.

southwest florida forks

What is really cool are the plans the owner has for his business. Florida is right behind Texas in cattle production. However, there are only about two slaughterhouses in Florida that commercially process animals into primal cuts. He wants to use a mobile slaughterhouse that will be opening up in Punta Gorda, FL which is about 20 minutes north of him. This will allow him to have a much more local and diverse product.

There you have it, Maverick Meat Processing.

Maverick Meat Processing
408 Leonard Blvd. N.
Lehigh Acres, FL 33971

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