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Sunday, December 8, 2013

15th Annual Champagne and Sparkling Wine Tasting at Tony's Off Third

Tony's Off Third is the retail wine space adjacent to Ridgway Bar and Grill in Old Naples.

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Besides a retail wine shop, they also have excellent breakfast selections, pastries, coffees and teas.

Their veranda is very accommodating,

southwest florida forks
and gets very crowded during the winter months and the 3rd St. Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

The holiday season at Tony's Off Third was in high gear, all the backdrop for sparkling wines and champagnes.
southwest florida forks

The selections at the tasting were many, twenty two in all.

southwest florida forks
Here is a listing of the wines.

As discussed in another Post, brut is the second least dry (sugar content) in champagne grading. NV, stands for non-vintage. This is where the wines need to be blended from different years to achieve a drinkable and standardized taste. Vintage Wines are those of a single year when everything comes together geologically and climatically to make the grape as best as possible. For those that are interested, here is all you wanted to know about Sparkling Wine .

The wines were in four separate areas.

The bar at Ridgway's Restaurant

inside Tony's Off Third

Tony's Off Third courtyard

and Ridgway private dining room.

The attendees were really enjoying themselves sampling the selections of wines and champagnes.

Merry Christmas everyone!
That's that. Another post on forks.

Ridgway Bar and Grill
Tony's Off Third
1300 Third St S.
Naples, FL 34102
Ridgway Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon
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