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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Veneto-Chablis-Languedoc Wine Tasting at Bleu Provence

Fall was in the air again and it was time for another wine tasting at Bleu Provence.
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Bleu Cellar

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is the wine retailing side of this business and was discussed in another post.

There were 4 vintners this day and here is what was served.
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The reason for this tasting was to celebrate the re-release of Kermit Lynch's 1988 book, "Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer's Tour of France." M. Lynch was discussed in another post. Briefly, M. Lynch is a renaissance man who has had a tremendous influence on the quality of European wine imports during the past 20 years. Many of the wines at Bleu Cellar are from Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant and all of the vintners that evening are represented by Lynch. For those that are interested, there is a very good interview of M. Lynch that was recently in the New York Times Magazine annual food and drink issue.

There was one vintner from Italy, and 3 from France. The Italian vintner was from Sommariva. Cinzia Sommariva was at this event

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and was nice enough to tell me about her family's Prosecco Superiore. What makes their prosecco superiore is the terroir, or the interaction of the geology and climate with the genetics of a plant, in this case grapes.

David Laventureux of Domaine Laventureux was there with a Chablis and a Petit Chablis.

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Again the difference is terroir. With this vintner, chablis, almost exclusively a chardonnay grape, is grown in soil high in limestone. This very much increases it's minerality. Petit chablis is grown here in soils with much higher clay content, giving it a more fruity flavor. I talked with David about how interesting his job must be. I told him I thought it was Bon Chic Bon Genre, he agreed.

Cyriaque Rozier, the wine maker at Chateau La Roque and his own winery, Chateau Fontanes, was also there

with a number of different wines from both chateaus.

The nibbles that evening were delicious. A nice fruit plate


a Charcuterie plate

with (left to right) Pate, Aged Saucission, smoked duck breast and saucission

and a cheese plate.

The cheeses (left to right) were Tomme de Savoie, Manchego (a Spanish cheese, but why not), Bleu de Bresse, aged goat cheese and Morbier.

The food table was mobbed

and the line to sample wine was practically halfway down the block.
The attendees were having a great time sampling the food and the wines.

I would like to thank the owner, Jacques, for his largess and this wonderful event.

Bleu Provence
1234 8th Ave. S.
Naples, FL 34102

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