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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lunch at Capriccios Ristorante Italiano with MS

Capriccio Ristorante Italiano is an Italian restaurant in the Pine Ridge Crossing shopping plaza in Naples, FL.
SOUTHwest florida forks.
Capricio's features central Italian cooking (Central Italian Cooking). Although these are generalities, the summers in central Italy are longer and hotter than further north, favoring tomato-based dishes. This differs from northern Italy (Northern Italian Cooking) which has  very good quality cows and hogs. Consequently this area is know for it's excellent beef, veal and pork.
For completeness southern Italian cuisine (Southern Italian Cuisine) favors fish, lamb, vegetables and cheeses.

Now back to Capriccio Ristorante Italiano (Capriccio Website).
southwest florida forks
They have a nice outside dining area should you be so inclined,

southwest florida forks
in addition to a number of lunch specials that day.

southwest florida forks
The inside of the restaurant is very much "old school", dark and cozy.

southwest florida forks
They also have a separate bar area perfect for hiding from your significant other.

southwest florida forks
 They bring some very nice garlic "knots" to the table.

soutwest florida forks
I dined with our wine group's member master sommalier (MS). I was saddened as during the course of our conversation I was told that he had resigned his membership in our group for personal reasons. Not only will this be a huge loss for our group but a personal one as well as I will not get to see him that often now.

It was mentioned that day that I should see the movie Somm (2013). It is a documentary on the process of becoming an MS and is playing as I am writing this. I believe it is presently available on some of the pay per view services. It is quite informative and watching this you realize why there only 200 and change of them in the world.

MS had the trio salad, a monstrous portion of tuna, chicken and egg salad on a bed of lettuce.

southwest florida forks
I opted for the eggplant rollantini.

southwest florida forks
This was eggplant rolled with prosciutto (Prosciutto) and ricotta (Ricotta) then topped with marinara (Marinara Sauce) sauce and melted mozzarella (Mozzarella) . This was served with spaghetti alla marinara.

We finished lunch with a cappuccino (Cappucino).

southwest florida forks

Very nice. There is a good reason this place has been here for 20 years. I really want to come back here for dinner, the menu items look great (Capricco Dinner Menu).

Capriccio Ristorante Italiano
2344 Pine Ridge Rd.
Naples, FL 34109
Capriccio's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon
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