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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lunch at Blu Sushi

southwest florida forks

One of the locations of Blu Sushi is in Fort Myers. They are located in Cypress Square at the corner of Cypress Lakes Dr. and McGregor Ave.

They have an all you can eat lunch special that is offered from 11:30 to 2:30 every day that they are open. If you peruse their extensive food and drink menu (Blu Sushi) you will find this special known as endless blu. Besides having good sushi, the ambience is pretty cool. It sort of has this South Beach club feel to it. If that's the vibe you get when you're here your impressions are correct. Thursday through Saturday they have a DJ in the evenings who rocks the house well past when the food stops being served until 1 A.M.

If you choose, you can sit outside to eat.
southwest florida forks

As you enter, you encounter the bar

southwest florida forks

and then enter the dining area

southwest florida forks

to be seated at a nicely appointed table.

southwest florida forks

Once your order is taken, the sushi chefs perform their craft.

southwest florida forks

You are limited to two items per person/order and must finish these to place another order.

I started off with seaweed salad. The citrus note left by the lemon slices was good, and a flavor combination unknown to me until then. The new age music flowing through the restaurant was a nice accompaniment.

southwest florida forks

 Round two was a spicy tuna roll and a sugar mama roll.

southwest florida forks

The spicy tuna roll is made so because of a blend of mayonnaise and sriracha (Sriracha Sauce). It is finished with a dusting of sesame seeds.  The sugar mama roll is fried krab stick, cream cheese, avocado then finished with smelt roe (Everything You Wanted to Know About Smelt). The rolls were good, and the mayo and cream cheese definitely added to the richness of the rolls. My personal choice is a leaner, lower-octane variety.

The third order was a find what baby roll and two pieces of tuna sushi.

southwest florida forks

The what baby roll consisted of salmon, scallions, asparagus and cream cheese. Then the roll is tempura (Tempura) fried, and finished with eel sauce (Eel Sauce). Both were good. Even though I generally avoid all that's fried, this was pretty good.

Somehow still having room left to eat more, I finished up with a mexican roll and two pieces of escolar (Escolar) sushi.

southwest florida forks

The mexican roll had fried shrimp, avocado and was finished with smelt roe. Loved the presentation on this. The escolar was, as always quite tasty.

I originally was going to meet a friend here but my dining companion canceled due to a migraine headache. Poor thing! I originally thought the lunch ended at 2 P.M. and arrived late at 1:30. With such little perceived time, I really had to put it away to be able to order enough food to blog about and give the sushi chefs enough preparation time. I can tell you I ended up leaving feeling like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner.

Would I go back? Yes.

Well that's that. Another meal on forks.

Blu Sushi
13451 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33919
BLU Sushi on Urbanspoon

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