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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cooking Class with Chef Kristina at the Good Life

The Good Life (The Good Life) is a local business that deals with almost all things related to cooking and preparing food.

southwest florida forks

I love places like this. No pejorative meaning intended, but "mom and pop" places such as this are rapidly disappearing from the retail scene. This shop is unique in the area. Not only do they carry or can order any kitchen-related product available, 

southwest florida forks

southwest florida forks

but The Good Life is the "one and only". It is not a chain or franchise. It has been around for about 40 years in some shape or fashion and the present owners have been at the helm since 1985.

Besides merchandise, one thing they offer is cooking classes (The Good Life Cooking Classes). The focus this particular evening was local Florida seafood.
The class was taught by Kristina San Filippo. 
southwest florida forks

She has been an industry professional for close to 20 years. Having worked in many food and beverage-related scenarios, she has found a niche locally in teaching and catering.

The way our class worked, our meal was prepared by Chef Kristina with step by step instructions, 

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and then we were served each course. We were initially served a tasting plate with produce from Rabbit Run Farm (Rabbit Run Farm).
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Rabbit Run is a hydroponic farming operation. They are predominantly a commercial supplier but are open to the public on Saturdays from 11-3. Can't wait to check it out. Fodder for another post.

The first course was shrimp with summer vegetable slaw in passion fruit dressing.
This was probably my favorite dish of the evening. Again produce from Rabbit Run Farm. The finished product.

southwest florida forks

The second course was spiced snapper baked with golden delicious apples, roasted tomatoes and chives.

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Plated out, there you have it. The goat cheese was a nice touch and a flavor combination I would not have thought of.

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The third course was hogfish (hogfish) with sun-dried tomatoes and water chestnut sauce over millet.

southwest florida forks

Very nice presentation.

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What I really thought was good about this class were the tidbits passed on by Chef Kristina about the culinary world. 

All kinds of information was given out about mandolines (mandoline), zesters (zester),
southwest florida forks

everything you ever wanted to know about leeks,

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and the proper way to cut using a chef's knife.

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All in all a very entertaining evening.

southwest florida forks

The Good Life
2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road STE 176
Naples, FL 34109
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