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Saturday, June 1, 2013

KC American Bistro

KC American Bistro is a restaurant in the Pavillion shopping center in North Naples. 

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The restaurant was opened mid summer of 2009 by Keith Casey (KC). Mr. Casey's credentials are impressive (KC Bistro), and so is his cooking. Any problems this restaurant may have had in the beginning are long gone.

I have eaten here 4 or 5 times, and have never had a bad meal. He recently expanded his dining space. Sorely needed in the winter months when people flock to eat here.

After an "exhausting" evening earlier perusing art at the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers (vide infra), we were off for a bite.

Old coworker (OC) and wife (OCW) had never eaten here before, and were assured that they were in for a very good meal.

The restaurant expansion not only added badly needed space, but a very nice aesthetic.

southwest florida forks

The new bar area is also very nice. For now, just beer and wine.

southwest florida forks

They also have, by the way, a great by the glass wine selection (Wine List).

As you are perusing the menu (Dinner Menu) you are brought a piece of very warm bread with "honey truffle" butter.

southwest florida forks
This is a very interesting flavor combination, a sort of sweet/earthy/mushroom taste.

OC ordered the lamb chops.

southwest florida forks

OC is in Atkins mode at present (Atkins Diet). Asparagus and peas and carrots were substituted for goat cheese couscous and spaghetti squash. It was great that the kitchen was willing to deviate from the menu to keep everyone happy. OC remarked that the currant sauce really made the "chop pop", and was one of the best that he ever had.

OCW picked the Ritz cracker seared black grouper. She really liked the different tastes of the fish with the corn/napa cabbage slaw and homemade tartar sauce.

I opted for the duck, traditionally one of my favorite things to order out.

southwest florida forks

It was served on a bed of bean picadillo (Picadillo), plantains that had the sugars caramelized to perfection and topped with jicama/orange salad. This was excellent, another winner of winners that evening.

I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but OCW wanted dessert (Dessert Menu).

A chocolate ganache torte with cream sauce and cherries appeared.

southwest florida forks

OCW thought it was just o.k. and it did not do very much for me. Then again, I am not into sweets.

Well, that's that! If you have not, eat here. I think you will find it one of the better dining experiences in Naples, FL.

KC American Bistro
885 Vanderbilt Beach Rd.
Naples, FL 34108

KC American Bistro on Urbanspoon

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