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I have started this blog, Southwest Florida Forks, as I want to share my dining and food experiences with you both textually and pictorially.
I love food and photography and it is my hope that through my dining/food/traveling combined with photos I can bring to you an accurate log of my experiences.
A fork can be an eating implement used to pick things up, as well as being a point where something disperses, perfect for a blog.
You can choose to use these postings as a guide, and if not, perhaps just see life through my lens.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Hour at Truluck's

Truluck's is a small chain of restaurants primarily in Texas and Florida (Truluck's). They are known for their seafood.
After a recently rekindled friendship with an old friend (OF) and her mother (MO), I was invited to happy hour with them and jumped at the chance.

If you approach from Fifth Avenue S., you venture down a narrow walkway

southwest florida forks
to the entrance.

southwest florida forks

During the winter months I have seen a line of 20 people deep waiting to get in here for happy hour which runs from 4:30-7:00. I think that's a good sign.

The bar area, where happy hour happens, is nice, but can get crowded.

southwest florida forks

There are also a number of tables and "high tops" should you choose not to sit at the bar.

southwest florida forks

The happy hour menu is quite extensive, and leans more towards a selection of martini's and cocktails.

There are about 5 wines on happy hour, and around 7 appetizers. As far as the latter menu items go, you are in, for the most part, really good food at a great price for this area of town.

OF had been craving their crab cakes and rightfully so. I usually will not order these out as typically, they are short in the crab and long in the cake. These are anything but that, and are some of the best in town.

southwest florida forks

 It's a nice presentation with greens and a mild Tartare  (Sauces of the Mayonnaise Family) sauce.

southwest florida forks

I chose the ceviche (Ceviche). Not bad, covered with a dollop of avacado and served with fresh chips.

southwest florida forks

I was disappointed with the mussel offering. They were pretty flavorless. So much so that the broth they were cooked in needed much more chutzpah (Chutzpah) to pull if off.

 MO ordered a shrimp cocktail. The shrimp were quite large, about 12-16/lb. I would guess.

southwest florida forks
When they bring this to you, there is dry ice in the bottom of the bowl and they pour some water into it. I think everyone knows what that does.

It gets you into the spirit of the shrimp! Although we didn't try them, the mini bacon cheeseburgers to the right in this picture looked pretty good.

southwest florida forks
On the way out I passed by the entrance to the dining room. It looks quite pleasant and fodder for a future post.

There you are. For no other reason, if you like crab cakes, have them here. I think you will be pleased.

698 Fourth Avenue S.
Naples, FL 34102

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